The first item you should put on the blank canvas of 2018 is a piece of jewellery.

To some, this may seem backwards, as they choose their outfits first and add on jewellery only as an afterthought. But we believe that this should be the most important decision of the day. Often it takes a special moment in a person’s life for them to really feel the energy that is present in each piece. From a young girl turning a necklace from her grandparents over and over in her hands, to a man selecting a ring to propose to the love of his life, something draws those people to a particular cut, or a particular stone. What happens when you let that energy guide you every day?  

We challenge you to let 2018 be the year you choose your jewellery first. The pieces in your collection are there for a reason. They represent each part of your personality and what you were feeling on the day you chose them. Which part of you do you want to shine through? Which identity do you want to put on today? You could be as blunt as your favourite silver studs, or as delicate as the gentle sway of your drop earrings. You could be as masculine and mysterious as a dark-faced watch, or as loving as a bracelet enveloping a wrist. Arm yourself with as much or as little as your heart desires. When your whole look is centred on your jewellery, your true self will always be the focus.  

Let 2018 be the year you stop waiting for people to tell you who you are. You no longer have to receive a gorgeous piece of jewellery to know your worth. You can make your own decisions, and let your own feelings guide you to your next piece. Instead of staring in the window at that beautiful necklace, go in and get it yourself. You are as strong and as sturdy as the hardest of diamonds. We challenge you to put yourself first.  

This next year is another chance for you to express and reinvent yourself in any way you see fit. That may be taking a closer look at your jewellery collection and reminding yourself why they are there. It may even be seeking out new pieces and forming new connections. Either way, make sure to prioritise your most treasured pieces first, and let everything else fall into place.  


Which piece is going on your blank canvas? Tell us in the comments below!